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Dauin - Dumaguete - 5 week Divemaster Course

Dauin - Dumaguete - 5 week Divemaster Course

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Ekstra udgifter på rejsen Meals, Apo & Sumilon Island Fee, Course materials.
Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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Pris fra 10660 DKK
Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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Have you always walked around with an adventurer in your stomach? Do you love scuba diving? Then why not take it to another level! Become a PADI Divemaster and do what you love. Make a career out of it and earn the title as a PADI professional. As a Divemaster, you will experience the thrill and joy of seeing others have as much fun in the world of diving as you. During the 5 weeks, you will (among other things) participate in different workshops and hands-on practical assessment. You will build up your confidence and knowledge through a mix of classroom teaching and in-water teaching, you will develop the skills to organize and direct a different variety of scuba diving activities. When you have completed your Divemaster – your imagination is the limit, for what you can do next! Keep traveling and work as a Divemaster by guiding divers and assisting instructors. Gain your experience in different parts of the world, or even take the next step... Become a PADI dive instructor!

On a more general note... The diving is suitable for all levels of divers, but especially highly recommendable for the geeky diver seeking rare macro sightings! The beginner, seeking easy diving and pretty reefs will love the turtles and the pretty patches of reef, but be aware! The area is very much about diving on the black volcanic sand, looking for the strange life that can be found in this kind of habitat. It is like a treasure hunt, where weird tiny marine life is the pretty gems. If you haven't tried muck diving, THIS is the place to start! And, if you also want to experience the full on coral reef and some bigger marine life, you can always get on a boat and head out to the world famous Apo Island and Sumilon island. (We have to say it again the corals out there are pretty damn fine!). If you want relaxed beach diving with rare and odd marine life, you should dive the coast of Dauin. If you want it all, dive both Dauin Coast and Apo Island and enjoy the wickedness of the Philippine waters.

Location_ Above water Dauin is a local town just South of Dumaguete City. Dumaguete City is placed in the middle of The Visayas and is the perfect travel hub to other famous dive destinations. Siquijor, Bohol, Moalboal, Malapascua or Sipalay is less than a days travel from Dumaguete, which makes it a perfect stop on your way around the Philippines… The diversity of the coast is truly magnificent, and the underwater scenery is as pure as it gets. With the islands cultural attractions on land, the gentle people, dramatic landscape and amazing diving opportunities, it is a combination that is spot on.

Knowledge development:
The Divemaster program is a 5 week program. During this time, you will experience your first level of professional training. You will work closely with our instructors, assisting them on courses and guiding certified divers. You will practice your dive skills, and become a professional rolemodel diver. (Our dive center will make you shine in the role of a divemaster). You will strenuously practice rescue skills, for confidence and for easily solving common problems.
But besides the practical in-water development, you have the knowledge development part as well.

For your knowledge development (the theory), you have two choices:

Option one: Before your arrival, you have already finished and gone through your PADI material and done your eLearning knowledge reviews. This means that you learn at your own pace and it will save you time during the 5 weeks, to spend in the water instead. This requires that you contact the dive center for your login to your PADI e-learning materials and treat the theory as a selfstudy program.


Option two: On arrival at the dive center, you will get your PADI materials and during the 5 weeks you will have actual classroom sessions, where we go through the knowledge reviews and near the end of your stay you will be given your final exams.

When you successfully have completed Dive Theory Online, you get credit for half of the Divemaster Final exam. Don’t worry your instructor will explain it all. Once you have signed up to the Divemaster program, our dive center will be ready and eager to answer any extra questions you might have. We recommend that you plan a Skype sessions, so you can get a good idea on how to prepare for your course, and make a plan for whatever extra you might need.


Itinerary and what you need:
The first day you arrive, you will be checked in at one of the rooms at our very cosy dive center. Here you will stay for the next 4 nights (included). During these 4 days, you will slowly start your course with orientation dives, and by going through the schedule of the coming 5 weeks. You will also be assisted by the dive center to find your accommodation for the next 5 weeks. The itinerary of the course and your stay will be build and based on the standard requirements from PADI. Our dive center is just as professional as it is friendly. You will not miss out on anything from the course, but the dive center will also take your individual experience into account. If you need extra work on the theory or your skills in the water, they will make sure that extra focus is given. You will be working as part of the team, following the daily life at a dive center, while slowly developing your own professional knowledge and skills. The Divemaster program is recognised as a leadership course, and should proudly be added to your future CV!

PADI Medical Statement.
It is also important that you have filled out the PADI medical statement, and have it SIGNED by your doctor or a dive physician before you start on your course. The medical statement must be signed by a doctor within 12 months before you start your course. You will receive the medical statement from your agent.

Amount of dives.
To enroll in the 5 week Divemaster course, you will have to be certified a PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent), and have at least 40 dives logged. You need to bring your logbook as proof of your logged dives. To be certified as a Divemaster, you need 60 logged dives in your logbook. You will easily log 20 dives during your course.
- If you are missing dives in your logbook before you can start, book a 1 week fundiving supplemental package, which gives you 18 dives for your logbook.
- If you are missing the Rescue Course or EFR course, this too can be booked as a supplement to your Divemaster program.

Dive equipment.
It is recommended that you have your own personal gear. However, you can rent a full set of equipment for 45 Euro per week. If you want to buy your equipment locally, the dive center have deals with the local dive gear shops, and you can get a full set of equipment for 1000 Euro.

To read more about the accommodation, see pictures and find out all the little interesting details about this place, the diving and the package in general… use this link:


Dauin - Dumaguete - 5 week Divemaster Course


What’s included?

Ekstra udgifter på rejsen
Meals, Apo & Sumilon Island Fee, Course materials.


min. 40 dives included


Your resort
Is very different from the rest! It is one of those places where people end up staying for weeks or even months… not kidding! It is beautiful, full of flowers and very cozy! There is a relaxed atmosphere and a homey feeling that you will love, no doubt! Cook your own food in the common kitchen, take a nap in the hammock station, put on a DVD and crash in a bean bag or grab a tank and go diving just 50 meters from the gate on the coolest housereef in the Philippines!.

Your room
Double or private room with fan and shared bathrooms (but PRETTY shared bathrooms!). The rooms are all made local style, with bamboo, nipah and mahogany wood. There is mosquito nets available on request.

Local transport

There are several ways to get to Dauin, depending where your arrival is from. Easiest way is to take a local tricycle direct to the hostel/dive center. Usually the price from Dumaguete airport/pier is no more than 300 pesos. The hostel can also arrange a special transfer a private van for 1200 pesos. However, we do recommend the tricycle ride, which is both a lot of fun and really comfortable (if not too many people and luggage is loaded on the same bike). Tricycles is the local way to get around and this method is a brilliant way to see and experience the country.

If you are in doubt of how to get to the dive center, please do use the contact details on your voucher. They have an extended knowledge of local bus, ferries and minivan services and can guide you too the best route.

You need to let the dive center know your arrival time at least one week in advance. You will find the details for the dive center on your voucher.


No food included

Dauin - Dumaguete - 5 week Divemaster Course

Pris fra {{totalPrice}} DKK
Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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