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Palawan - Teaching Volunteer

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Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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14 dage
Puerto Princesa City
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Puerto Princesa City
Help the local children of Palawan to improve their English language skills at a local school.
This program will provide you with an insight into the Philippine educational system and specifically that of Palawan. You will be teaching English to children within all age groups in a fun and practical way and give something back to the island community of Palawan.

The local community in Palawan is not always able to support their children with good or high-level education. The children within the community don’t have much chance to learn or practice English. You will be working in a primary school, secondary school or high school in and around the municipality of Aborlan on Palawan island. The students range from grade 1 to grade 12 and are between the age of 7-18 years.

The teaching program is organized as an informal English class which allows you to arrange a variety of activities such as music, songs, games, arts, sports as well as conversation and grammar exercises. Get creative but always keep in mind that everything should be based on teaching practical English for everyday situations in a fun and engaging way.

Palawan - Teaching Volunteer

About Your Location

Palawan is an island dotted with fishing villages and of course surrounded by beautiful blue sea, which goes perfectly with the emerald green jungled mountains forming the landscape.

Aims & Objectives

The main aim of this program is to help the children who don’t have many opportunities to study English with foreigners in order to improve their English language skills. Your contribution to develop the English language skills of these children will help increase the opportunities and chances in their future education and working career. Another important component of this program is cultural exchange. The children at the school are always very interested and keen to learn more about your family, country, culture and way of life. Therefore, we highly encourage you to bring a lot of pictures from home as they will be very much appreciated by the kids. It's also a really good idea to prepare a bit before you arrive if you've never taught before, there are lots of good ideas about themes and projects on the internet, for example mask making, songs etc

Weekly Schedule & Activities

Introduction Day
Your project starts with an introduction day on the first Monday including a tour of the area surrounding the accommodation, available facilities, cultural "do's and don'ts", safety concerns as well as some basic local language lessons.

Monday to Friday
Teaching English at the school and arranging activities
Teaching English at the school and arranging activities
Preparing lessons/activities for the next day together with the local coordinator

Please note that the volunteer activities and schedule can change at any time based on the needs of the project, local conditions, the weather and unforeseen circumstances.

Evenings & Weekends
During the evenings the volunteers are generally free, and there are no program activities scheduled unless otherwise mentioned. Weekends are free. The beach is a great place to relax but please note there are often jelly fish, so it may not be possible to swim.

Optional Culture Week

This program can also include a Culture Week which is highly recommended but not mandatory - just inform your travel advisor if you wish to include it. Experience Philippine culture first-hand through your exploration of local spots, immersing in the cuisine, visiting famous sights, swim in waterfalls and more!

Our culture week is tailored to introduce you to (just some!) of the best things the island of Palawan has to offer. This week will get you learning the basics of the language, cooking at a class, tasting authentic food, visiting the most famous sites and discovering areas where tourists don’t often go to!

Aims & Objectives of the Culture Week
Help you familiarize yourself with the local surroundings.
Broaden your knowledge of the Philippines particularly Palawan rich customs, history and culture.
Facilitate cultural exchange between the participants and local people of Palawan.
Give you hands-on insight into the local lifestyle of the Palawan and Aborlan community in particular.

Please note the culture week only begin on the 1st and 3rd week of every month.

School & Public Holidays

This program runs all year round, but there are alternative activities on public holidays. During school holidays volunteers will be placed in the holiday program. Please note the dates for the school holidays are subject to change due to local conditions.

School Holidays 2024
24-30 January - Mid Year Break - English Camp/ Tutorial Class available during school holidays
11 June to August - Summer Break - English Camp/ Tutorial Class available during school holidays
16 December 2024 to 06 January 2025 - Christmas Holidays - We will arrange special activities for local students

Public Holidays 2024
12 June
21 & 26 August
01 & 30 November
24-25 & 30-31 December

Mandatory Volunteer Requirements

Minimum age of 18
Basic level of competency in English
Police Clearance Certificate on sign-up
Passport copy required on arrival

What Makes a Good Volunteer?

Volunteers need to be flexible and keep an open mind concerning their placements as situations can arise beyond our control which could require you to be placed at a different project than the one you have initially chosen. We will of course always do our utmost to fulfill your initial wishes but do remember that where you are going is quite different from where you are coming and as such one should be prepared for things not always going according to plan.

Volunteering and intercultural travel share a common trait: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. This program is designed for proactive individuals and groups that are prepared to adapt to the local environment and its current needs. Naturally, the scheduling and activities of our program are subject to change. Alterations in activities are mainly due to changes in local conditions, which we believe is part of what makes overseas programs the interesting adventure and incredible learning experience that they are.

How Long Should I Volunteer?

The projects offered by our partner in the Philippines are interchangeable locally if you have the right experience and qualifications, as it is possible to make a positive contribution within a week. However, our experience shows us that in most instances the longer you stay at one project, the more beneficial your contribution will be. Every volunteer will be given a certificate of appreciation at the end of their stay as a symbol of volunteering stay.

What’s included?

Ekstra udgifter på rejsen


On weekends you can enjoy the beach, try out some diving or explore the local area. Head for example for Coron Bay, located at the northwest of Palawan (between Busuanga and Culion islands) that is known for being one of the best wreck diving locations in the world. Only 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa you can find the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park which has recently been voted as one of the new 7 wonders of nature.


Our accommodation is in Tigman village in Aborlan District, a small and laid-back community on a beautifully unspoilt beach which is great place to relax BUT please note there are often jelly fish in the sea, so it may not be possible to swim. The rooms are shared between 4-8 people on a single gender basis. Please note the whole village shares the water supply and there is very little water pressure, so most of the time it's necessary to take a bucket wash as the actual showers don't have enough water pressure to work.

Connection to Wi-Fi in the camp is very poor and most of the time it's not available, so we advise buying a Globe Sim card with 3G on arrival into the Philippines. We provide linen, mosquito protection and fans, but no towels. Laundry facilities are limited so please expect to wash your clothes by hand.

All volunteers are expected to be environmentally conscious and to use all resources with restraint, especially water, paper and electricity. You will be expected to clean up after yourself, and to participate in keeping the accommodation neat and organized.

Local transport

Arrival Transfer
Airport transfer is included if arriving either on the Saturday or Sunday before your program start on the following Monday. Pick-ups are available all day between 10:00 and 17:00 - your travel advisor can help inform us on your flight arrival information. If arriving on Saturday, you need to book an extra night at our accommodation (including meals), because this night is not included in the program fee (just ask your travel advisor to help book this for you).

After passing customs at the Puerto Princesa International Airport, proceed to the arrival gate. Our representative will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name. You may need to wait for several participants to arrive before the group leaves the airport. The travel time to our center is about 90 minutes from the airport.

What to do, if...

... you are waiting at the airport / bus terminal but can’t find the person to pick you up?
Make sure you have passed customs and are at the exit as described above. If you are there already, stay where you are and wait some more. The coordinator might just have got stuck in traffic. If after waiting at least 30 minutes you still can’t find the person, try calling our transfer coordinator (phone number below). If she doesn’t answer on the first try, keep trying.

...you can’t reach the transfer coordinator on the phone.
Please send her a text message and wait at the meeting point. She might be busy and will get back to you shortly. If for some reason she doesn’t get back to you, try again.

...you don’t get an reply to your messages.
Stay at the meeting point. We will meet you there in any case.


Early/Late Arrivals
Volunteers arriving before or after the Sunday need to make their way to their accommodation on their own. We only offer pick-up transfers on the Sunday before your program begins. We discourage late arrivals as it may take longer for you to settle into your program. If arriving early/late, please make sure to let us know beforehand, preferably when making the booking.

Any emergency early/late arrivals need to be communicated to us via email philippines@thegreenlion.net and the late arrival instructions need to be followed (see following).

Instructions: How to get to us on your own

By taxi: You can take a taxi at the airport straight to our center (address below). A ride should not take more than 90 minutes and should not cost you more than 2000 PHP. We suggest you negotiate the price with the driver beforehand.

By bus: You can also take a bus to our center (address below). From the airport please take a tricycle to the new bus station which should not cost you more than 200 PHP. At the bus station, please take the bus to Aborlan. The first bus leaves at 05:00 and the last one at 23:00, buses are leaving every 2 hours. The bus ticket costs 130 PHP. Get off at Plaridel and not at Aborlan since you will need to continue your trip to Tigman village, the place where our center is located. Plaridel is a village located at the highway next to Tigman village. At the Plaridel highway you can take a tricycle to our center which will cost you around 60 PHP. We suggest you negotiate the price with the driver beforehand, please feel free to contact our coordinator if you require assistance.

** Please note: All prices are referential, and the actual charges may vary. We cannot be held responsible if you pay more than mentioned above. **

Departure Information
We will assist you in arranging a local bus or taxi back to the airport at the end of your stay. A bus will cost around 130 PHP + 2 tricycle costs of around 140 PHP in total. A taxi from our center to the airport should not cost you more than 2000 PHP.

Please note that you will need to pay the country tax which costs 550 PHP when you leave the Philippines. A terminal fee at Puerto Princesa International Airport for a domestic flight is 200 PHP.

Please note: All prices are referential, and the actual charges may vary. We cannot be held responsible if you pay more than mentioned above.

Contact Information
Transfer & Program Coordinator: Glory Rose Bumanlag (she speaks English, Filipino)
Mobile: +63 (0) 915 382 8221 Philippines
Email: philippines@thegreenlion.net

Other Useful Contacts
In-country coordinator: Mr. Abe, Miko (he speaks English, Filipino)
Contact For Emergencies
Mobile: +63 (0) 977 470 2104

Emergency Numbers
117 Tourist Police (The Tourist Police are trained to assist you in English. Direct any safety concerns to them.)
16016 Fire Brigade
16911 Medical assistance

Head Office & Accommodation
Tigman Village
The Philippines


During the week three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) a day will be served on site at the volunteer accommodation. At the weekends only lunch and dinner are served but there is bread and spreads available for breakfast. The cuisine is mainly local Philippine including lots of vegetables, meat, egg and rice. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or intolerances during your application. However, we need to stress the point that you should not expect to eat as you normally do at home. We will do our best to see that you are well taken care of, but also as a volunteer, there is a need to be flexible and accommodating to the local food. Water, tea and coffee are always available and there is a local kiosk where you can buy and extra snacks and drinks if needed.

Mere information

What to Bring
Malaria precautions, sun block, teaching materials such as English books, toys, games, color pencils, erasers etc.

Dress Code
Your clothing should cover your knees and shoulders while at work. Normal shoes or sandals, no flip-flops are allowed at the school.

Local SIM Card
We highly recommend buying a cheap local SIM card for your whole time in the Philippines (for your own personal safety and for easier/cheaper communication with other volunteers, staff and family back home), and especially if traveling to us by yourself this becomes especially useful. The SIM cards are extremely cheap, costing as little as $3 at the airport and even less from street vendors. The best SIM card to buy is Globe.

Palawan - Teaching Volunteer

Pris fra {{totalPrice}} DKK
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