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Pacific Whale Foundation Volunteer

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Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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Puerto Lopez
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Puerto Lopez
Max of 10 volunteers
The Pacific Whale Foundation is located in Puerto Lopez, whales visit this part of Ecuador between June and October each year, due to the cold Humboldt Current. As a volunteer you can observe these amazing animals and contribute to the research.
Since 1997 the Pacific Whale Foundation, located in Puerto Lopez, has dedicated time and effort to recollect data about whales and contribute with scientific research to the Whale Commission South America. This happens every year during the season that the Humpback Whales come to the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Every year, from June until October, the humpback whales come to these warm waters that pass the pacific coast of Ecuador to find their mates and have their young. They swim all the way until the south of Colombia before heading back again to the waters of the Antarctica.

The Foundation has identified and catalogued over 2200 different whales by photographing their tails and has contributed to different scientific studies and determination of migration routes, feeding areas and more. Besides whales, marine birds and dolphins are also monitored.
The Pacific Whale Foundation represents Ecuador at the South American Whaling Commitee, where it shares it information with other South American countries about the whales visiting the Ecuadorian Pacific. As a volunteer you will help with the collecting and processing of information, data analysis and tracking.

The program is from mid June to mid October.

Volunteer Activities
You will have a mix of Spanish classes (4 hours of Spanish lessons per week) held at the research centre, whale watching research (on the boat), behavioral data analyzation, help out with photo identification, comparison, and draw conclusions and results. At the end of your program you will receive a certificate of your attendance as a volunteer at the Pacific Whale Foundation. There is also an excursion to Isla de la Plata included for trekking and snorkelling.

Besides the daily tasks at the whale foundation, your own initiative is always highly appreciated. If you want to contribute extra to the project, share your ideas with the volunteer coordinator of the project. In the Ecuadorian culture people might be a bit shy in telling you what to do. Therefore, it will make your volunteer period more worthwhile if you show initiative - both for your own personal growth and the project. The people at this project are always very open to new ways of helping the program: so think about what you are passionate about, use your creativity and go for it!

Pacific Whale Foundation Volunteer

About Your Location

This project is located in the town of Puerto Lopez in the province of Guayas. You will have to travel first to Ecuador’s biggest city, Guayaquil and then on to Puerto Lopez.

Work Schedule

Depending on your program, you will work sometimes in the weekends as well. It is a full program with much variety in activities and an average workday of 6-8 hours. It is important that you are on time and punctual to work.

During the week (Monday to Friday) you will get to work hands on with data collection and analysis. You will have four outings to the ocean to collect data varying between a half and full day trips depending on the schedule. Afterwards you share and analyse all the research material (cameras, GPS, sound recording etc.). Spanish lessons are held at the project location and will be distributed during the week depending on when you go out to the sea and how the weather is. On Saturday you will go over the results and conclusions.

Public Holidays

No work days on the following public holidays:

01 January
20-21 February
07 April
01 & 26 May
11 August
09 October
02-03 November
25 December

Mandatory Volunteer Requirements

Minimum age of 18
All foreigners entering Ecuador are obliged to have a valid health insurance
Basic English
Basic Spanish is an advantage, but not required

What Makes a Good Volunteer?

Volunteers need to be flexible and keep an open mind concerning their placements as situations can arise beyond our control which could require you to be placed at a different project than the one you have initially chosen. We will of course always do our utmost to fulfill your initial wishes but do remember that where you are going is quite different from where you are coming and as such one should be prepared for things not always going according to plan.

Volunteering and intercultural travel share a common trait: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. This program is designed for proactive individuals and groups that are prepared to adapt to the local environment and its current needs. Naturally, the scheduling and activities of our program are subject to change. Alterations in activities are mainly due to changes in local conditions, which we believe is part of what makes overseas programs the interesting adventure and incredible learning experience that they are.

How Long Should I Volunteer?

Our projects range from 1 week up to approx. 30 weeks. Projects have a specified minimum stay, then it’s up to you how long you can commit. In our experience the longer you stay the more you will gain, as your understanding of the project broadens and you take on more responsibilities. Every volunteer will be given a certificate of appreciation at the end of their stay as a symbol of volunteering stay.

What’s included?


Arrival Package in Guayaquil
You can choose an Arrival Package in Guayaquil including transfer from the airport to your accommodation in Guayaquil, 1 night accommodation in private room, and private transfer from accommodation to bus station. You can also choose an Arrival Packag with overnight in Guayaquil in private room and private transfer from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez.

Accommodation in Puerto Lopez
Accommodation is a volunteer house and you will be staying in same-gender dorm rooms. The rooms have their own bathroom. There is also a shared kitchen and a social area with hammocks and swimming pool. You will be provided with bedding and have wi-fi. The accommodation is basic and it is your duty to keep your living area clean.

Local transport

This project is available with or without an arrival transfer from Guayaquil Airport, including 1 night in Guayaquil in private room and transfer to bus station in Guayaquil.
You can also choose an Arrival Transfer Package including 1 night in Guayaquil in private room and private transfer to Puerto Lopez.


Meals are self-catering at the volunteer house. There is a fully equipped kitchen available for you to use, or you can choose to have dinner at one of the many restaurants and cafes in the town where you can eat delicious meals for very low prices.
One shared dinner with the whole group per week is included.

Mere information

The climate on the coast is hot and humid. The weather can change however it is often quite hot and sunny.

What to Bring
Lightweight, long & fast-drying work trousers, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, rain jacket, cardigan
Sunglasses, sunblock & swimwear
Mosquito repellent
Small daypack
Prescription medication (if applicable)
Work gloves
Rubber boots

Evenings & Weekends
In your spare time you can relax at the beach or take a trip to nearby Isla De Plata with much of the wildlife you will find on the Galapagos Islands.

Pacific Whale Foundation Volunteer

Pris fra {{totalPrice}} DKK
Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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