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Japan 10 Day Tour

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Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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Pris fra 14410 DKK
Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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9 dage
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Minimum Group Size: 4 , Maximum Group Size: 22

The best 10 days you'll have in Japan!

Japan is a magical place, where old and new collide. A country full of incredible natural beauty, futuristic cities of neon, world-renowned food, and a culture steeped in tradition, it has a way of enveloping you from the moment you step off the plane. Voted the #1 tour worldwide, we are incredibly proud of this trip! Learn how to hand roll sushi, take a Kendo class with a descendent of a real samurai warrior, watch enormous robots dance in Tokyo, search for Geisha’s in Kyoto’s Gion District, explore incredible temples, try world renowned food and stay overnight in a real, traditional Japanese temple. This will be the trip of a lifetime.

*Please note that this is an active tour & on some days you can walk up to 10km, please be prepared for this and bring appropriate footwear.

**Please be aware that in order to operate our Japan tours under the current restrictions set in place by the Japanese Government all guests will be subject to an additional supplement at extra cost - if the rules change by the time the tour runs then additional supplements will be refunded

Travel insurance is compulsory for all One Life Adventures tours - get a quote below!

  • Visit the Meiji Shrine
  • Explore Harajuku & Kihabara
  • Night skyline viewpoint of Tokyo,
  • Cross the famous Shibuya Scramble, walk through Tsukiji Market
  • Sushi making masterclass
  • Cable car in Hakone over the mountains
  • Cruise to see mt Futi on a clear day
  • Sake tasting
  • Guided night walk in geisha district of Kyoto
  • Golden Pavilion
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Red Gates of Fushimi Inari 
  • learn Kendo (sword fighting) with samurai descendant
  • Guided meditation in the Dojo
  • Climb Monkey Mountain
  • Arashiyama bamboo forest
  • A wild night of
  • Karaoke in Osaka
  • Street food tasting along Dotonbori

Japan 10 Day Tour

Day 1

ARRIVE IN TOKYO! Touch down in Tokyo! Arrive into your Tokyo hostel and relax until the evening. Tonight we'll take you out to feast on Japanese cuisine and meet the rest of your group. After dinner when the crowds have all dispersed, we explore the iconic Tokyo Senso-ji Temple by night!

Day 2

TOKYO DAY TOUR We'll start the morning off with a a Japan Orientation Briefing. You'll learn simple Japanese customs and phrases to help you dictate your way across the country. We'll then head out to the birth place of Japanese teen pop culture, Harajuku. We'll then head into Yoyogi Park, host of the beautiful Meiji Shrine. Afterwards, we'll head to Akihabara – Tokyo's electric town - and be blinded by the all the neon lights and crazy shops in store. You can challenge each other in the arcades, check out the famous Maid Cafes or just wander around the area.

Day 3

SUSHI MAKING CLASS In the morning after breakfast we will head over to our own private sushi making class! You will learn how to make Miso soup, three types of sushi and the secrets behind Teriyaki! Vegetarian option is available but you must notify your guide/One Life a week before the tour starts. This evening we head to Shinjuku, we'll see an unparalleled skyline of Tokyo, check out the famous Omoide Yokocho alley & grab some dinner. before viewing the famous Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing.

Day 4

TRAVEL TO HAKONE & MT FUJI VIEWING Today we take the aptly named "Romance Car" to the stunning mountain town of Hakone. After checking into our guest house situated in the mountains, we will spend the day exploring the surrounding areas on a variety of different transports. Why is Hakone so special? Well, not only is the food incredible but you can get a spectacular view of Mt Fuji (weather dependent.) After a day of exploring and taking photos of Japan's most famous mountain we'll arrange a traditional Japanese Family Nabe dinner in our guesthouse and finish the day playing some games. *If you have asthma/respiratory condition, the brief visit to Owakudani is not advisable, please speak to your guide for an alternate arrangement.

Day 5

TEMPLE STAY Today is the day we ride the world-famous shinkansen for the first time. Watch them fly by on the platform before boarding one of the world's fastest train. Keep an eye out for Mt Fuji on the way. First stop is the UNESCO World Heritage town of Takayama. Here we will be staying at a stunning temple for the night. In the afternoon, We'll sample sake in a local brewery and you can even treat yourself to some famous Hida beef!

Day 6

ARRIVE IN KYOTO & GION WALKING TOUR Start the morning with a walk around the beautiful old town and village of Takayama as well as a visit to the morning market on the banks of the Miyagawa River. We will then head to Kyoto by bullet train. In the evening a local tour guide will guide us around Kyoto's Gion district, known for Geisha's (Japan's traditional art form of entertainment), if you are lucky enough, you might even spot one.

Day 7

KYOTO TEMPLE & SHRINE TOUR We'll rise before dawn and take the subway to the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. We arrive early to escape the throng of tourists and work our way through the mountain exploring corridors of never ending red gates. After, we will head to Kiyomizu-dera temple, one of Japan's most famous temples. A stunning bamboo and wooden complex that sits high in the mountain side. We finish up with a traditional Tea Ceremony, where you can even rent kimonos! You will have the rest of the day free to explore.

Day 8

GOLDEN PAVILION, ZEN GARDENS & KENDO CLASS We head to the stunning Golden Pavilion, a beautiful gold laden building surrounded by a lake. After we'll head to Daitoku-ji, a quiet, leafy complex of old temples. In the afternoon we head to a traditional Kendo class housed in the dojo where it all began. Your authentic Bushido instructor, a descendant of a Japanese Samurai, will teach you the way of this respectful martial art.

Day 9

ARRIVE IN OSAKA, BAMBOO FOREST, FOOD TOUR & KARAOKE The day starts with a train ride to Arashiyama, a town surrounded by mountains and a river running through it. The itinerary includes a visit to the bamboo forest, climbing Monkey Mountain, a traditional Japanese boat ride through the valleys. We then head on to Osaka where in the evening, we explore the famous Dotonbori area. The food, people, lights, and colors of the "kitchen of Japan" will be experienced before ending the tour with karaoke in the evening.

Day 10

DEPART After nursing your head's from last nights antics, it's time to say goodbye to your group and the new friends you have made from your tour. We hope we have shown you the best that Japan has to offer!

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Local transport

Coach / Bus
Train & Rail


Breakfast: 4
Lunch: 1
Dinner: 3

Mere information

  • Main bag – smaller than 160cm when height, width and depth are added together
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Travel adaptor
  • Camera
  • If travelling between September-April warm clothes

Japan 10 Day Tour

Pris fra {{totalPrice}} DKK
Prisen er en fra-pris, og afhænger af afrejsetidspunkt. Se den nøjagtige pris, når du vælger hvilken dato du vil af sted. Flybilletter er ikke inkluderet, men vi hjælper dig selvfølgelig gerne med at finde de bedste og mest fleksible billetter.
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